Free Maya Rigs for Animators

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Free Maya Rigs for Animators

Mery Character rig


Mery Project is a Free Rig project by José Manuel García Alvarez and Antonio Méndez Lora. A free character for animators.

You CAN:
You can use the character for practise and educational purposes.
You can use the character to show your work in your demo reel, portfolio, on your website, etc.

You CAN’T:
You can’t use the character rig or any part of it for commercial purpose, like short films, movies or any content with financial gain.
You can’t use the character rig without giving the appropriate credits for “” in your works. You must put the credits into the video or the description.
You can’t use the character rig to create any pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, racist or otherwise immoral content. won’t be responsible for the content made with the character.
You can’t assign licenses or sublicenses for this character rig or any part of it.!merydown/cxr4

Morpheus Rig


Rig Features:

Body rigged with John Doublestein’s rigging toolset 

FK/IK switching (right click menu)

Space Switching (right click menu)

Stretchable bendable limbs

Body morphing for body customization

Hand morphs for talons and knuckles!

Facial rig

Facial moprhing for facial customization

Facial shaping controls, moveable, scaleable eyes

Noses, ears, and beards, Oh my!

FK/IK Eye Rig (the base of which is Scott Englert’s rig)

Eyelid tracking/blinking

“Moldable” eyelids

Seperate head rig should you want to put Morphy’s head on another body

Workflow Stuff/Other

Nurbs UI for easy access to controls

Quick Select sets setup for easy selection

Alternate textures for eyes and skin

Harry Character rig


IK/FK Stretchy limbs

No snap switching


Secondary facial control

Eyelids Follow

Hand Presets with Overrides

Proxy/Base/Smooth Meshes

Simple Bot rig for Maya 1.0.0


After you’ve mastered the bouncing ball, animating a walk cycle with the Simple Bot is a great learning experience. It allows you to focus on the pelvis and legs without being distracted with the rest of the body parts. Since the pelvis is the main instrument that leads the entire body motion it’s good to be able to figure it out separately.

Pink Panther V02


More and more Maya users are developing free rigs for use by animation students, to help them learn their craft.  Of course, Karim Kashefi doesn’t own the rights to the Pink Panther, so do watch out when using anything of this nature for commercial gain (strictly forbidden) and make sure it’s just to practice your animation skills.  We have not yet road-tested this rig, but we’re looking forward to seeing what our talented students can do with it!



Mecha girl


Rigs by Jessica Lauren Spence


Rig set 6




Destructor rig 


Destrucktor is a mech boss driven by one of our original human characters, the Gunfighter. Making the first machine-based rig certainly brought along its own set of challenges. Most of these challenges were centered around automating the animation of mechanical pieces on the rig to free up time for focusing on the main action.


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