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How to Create and Save a Scene in Maya


In Maya a project can have many scene. It is important to know that a project is not same as scene. Project is the Film/Video we are working on, and scene is the particular scene/animation of the movie we are working.

Example : AVATAR is the Project name, whereas Jack Sully’s First Flight is a Scene name in the film AVATAR.

Save Scene in Maya

1.To create a new scene:

          File -> New Scene

2. To save a new scene:

          File -> save scene as  OR  ( Ctrl + Shift + S )

3. To save an updated version of an old scene :

          File -> save  OR  ( Ctrl + S )

This is used to save the changes we made to an old scene.

4. Files types in Maya and its properties:

          There is two File types in Maya:

                    i) Maya Binary (mb.)

                    ii) Maya ASCII (ma.)

The files type doesn’t affect the rendered image or the output image quality. The Binary files (mb.) are smaller but not readable by human as they are compressed into numeric values, whereas ASCII (ma.) are bigger files but can be read and edit/update by human being. We will use ASCII file in our project.

5. Increment and Save:

          File -> Increment & Save  OR  ( Ctrl + Alt +S )

Suppose we created one new scene (Scene01.ma) and we edited it but we don’t want to replace the edited scene with the old scene i.e Scene01.ma, in those cases we can use ” Increment and Save “.

When we use “ Increment and Save ” a new file is saved with a increment in its number as Scene02.ma, Scene03.ma…etc. It is very important if we want to use a earlier scene in a latter moment in our project or in a another project.

6. Auto Save:

          Window -> “Setting & Preferences” -> Setting -> File Project

A tiresome labor may end useless if we forget to save a scene or there occurs any software/hardware failure, so Maya offers Autosave setting. Autosave automatically saves the scene at a regular interval of time with a increment in file name. It is important in case of Power Failure/ Hardware failure , but it takes a lot of space.


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