Starting Salary of VFX Compositors , Animators and 3D Artists

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Starting Salary of VFX Compositors , Animators and 3D Artists

While starting your career in Animation industry or opting VFX compositor as your profession, it’s always important to know the market value of a Trainee and intern to get the best value of your talent. The salary range of animator or VFX compositor vary from studio to studio.

Studio normally visits the reputed institute to recruit fresher as an intern and if you know the market value then you can select the best institute for booming your future. The animation studio pays trainee and intern around 6000 – 8000.(In some cases you can get upto 10k depends on some project deadline).

Below are the salaries offered by major animation studio’s for compositors who successfully completes the training from reputed Animation Institute:

Studios Salary Offered
Studio: 3D Labz Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Studio: Accel Animation Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Studio: Adimaya Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Studio: Anibrain Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Studio: Animagic Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Studio: 2D3D Animation India – Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Studio: ASAP Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Animgraphix Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Anithing Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Avitel Post Studios Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Big Animation Rs-10000 -Rs12000
BlowFish Fx Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Cinevistaas Rs 6000 – Rs 10000
ColorChips India Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Contiad Studios Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
CornerShop Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Crest Animation Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Dimension Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Digitales Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Digikore Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Digital Magic Rs-10000 -Rs12000
DQ Entertainment Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
EColor Studio Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Elixir Animation Rs-10000 -Rs12000
EFX Magic Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Eyeqube Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Famous Studios Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Firefly Creative Studios Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Future Thought Productions Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
FXLabs Rs-10000 -Rs12000
GenFx Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Hurix Systems Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
UTV | Indiagames Rs 8000 – Rs 10000
Kreeda Games Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Keyframe Animation Studios Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Lucid Animations Rs-10000 -Rs12000
LandMarvel Animations Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Maharaja Games Rs8000 – Rs10000
Maya Entertainment Ltd Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Ocean Insoft Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Pixel Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Pixeltek Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Pixion Rs 8000 – Rs10000
Prana Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
PrimeFocus World Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Red Chillies Entertainment Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Rhythm & Hues Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Sanraa Media Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Silverline Animation Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Skywork Studios Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Trine Entertainment Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Turtle In Motion Studios Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Tata Elxsi Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Technicolor India Rs-10000 -Rs15000
Toonz Animation Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Uber3D Rs 6000 – Rs10000
UTV Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Verve Boomstar Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Studio VFX Rs 6000 – Rs10000
Puppex Studio Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Teamworks Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Famous Studio Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Morcan Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Accenture Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Xentrix Rs-10000 -Rs15000
Makuta VFX Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Underground Worms Rs 8000- 10000
Yashraj Films Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Trace VFX Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Getafix Rs-10000 -Rs12000
Indian Artist Rs-10000 -Rs15000
Breakfast studio Rs6000 – Rs8000
Futureworks Rs-10000 -Rs12000
J VFX Rs6000 – Rs8000
Umm Rs6000 – Rs8000
dotvfx Rs6000 – Rs8000
Galaxy vfx Rs6000 – Rs8000
Pixeltree Rs6000 – Rs8000
Bisilic fly Rs6000 – Rs8000

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  • Angad Singh

    This is correct info! I can vouch for it!

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  • David

    Are these numbers based off per project? per year? etc…

    • Amod Mantri

      These are per month salary…

  • iceboxx89

    guys some of the studios are closed long time ago, please check your sources.

    • Amod Mantri

      We will update them soon