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How to remove Chroma in Fusion

In last tutorial we saw the basic UI of EyeOn Fusion 6.4. Vfx plays important role in a movie. The actual footages are shot in Chroma/ Green or blue screen. Then the Chroma is removed in a compositing software and a new matte is added as a background as shown in image below.

Comparison – Before and after Compositing

In this tutorial we will see how to remove Chroma in Fusion using Ultra keyer.


Step 1

Open Eyeon Fusion

Fusion UI

Go to Tools -> I/O -> Loader and select the chroma footage.


Chroma Footage

Step 2

Go to Tool-> Matte-> Ultra Keyer. Connect the loader to Ultra keyer node.

Ultra Keyer

Select the Ultra Keyer node and In the attribute window click on Green under the Color Background rollout.

Adjust the matte separation until you get the result as shown in the image below.

Matte Seperation

Now we have to eliminate the green borders and greenish tint visible on a character in the image below. It is called spill.

Color Spill

Under the image tab in attribute window , select Burnt .

Spill suppression

Step 3

Now we want a background image behind the character.

Go to Tools -> Composite -> Merge

Merge tool  is used to merge the two footage.


Merge two footage



Here is the final output


final output




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