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How to create a moving water effect in Eyeon Fusion



In this tutorial we will animate the water using Displace and FastNoise tools. We will use Fusion 6.4.

Final Output


  1. Go to tools , Click on I/O and select Loader. Locate and elect the image  you want to load and click on Open.
  2. Press 1 or drag the Loader node on to the window to see the output in a Display Window.
  3. Go to Tools -> Transform and select Resize. The Resize tile will be inserted into flow area. Merge Loader and Resize nodes.
  4. Now we need FastNoise node. Go to Tool -> Creator-> FastNoise.
  5. Now to animate FastNoise we need to animate Center X and Center Y controls to create keyframes.

Fast Noise


Frame                    Center X                             Center Y
20                             0.51                                      0.6
40                             0.60                                      0.6
60                             0.71                                      0.6
80                             0.82                                      0.6
100                           0.90                                      0.6


6. In Noise tab set the scale value to 15 and Seethe rate to 0.3.

7. Under Image tab set the image size.

8. Select the Resize tile and choose Displace from menubar.

9. Connect the output node of FastNoise to the input node of Displace in the flow area.

10.Now create a polygon mask and attach it to the mask node of Displace node.
11.Using polygon mask select the water as shown in an image below.

Polygon Mask

12. Select Displace tool and Set the Refraction Strength to 0.025.

Final Work Flow

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