Autodesk 2014 suites released

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Autodesk 2014 suites released
Autodesk has released the 2014 edition of its design software suites. In this edition they have included new components such as Infraworks and ReCap.


Autodesk 2014 suite comprises of latest editions of softwares like Maya, 3ds max, Motion Builder , Mudbox ,Soft Image and SketchbookDesigner.There are three versions of Autodesk 2014 Suites. In Standard version they have included Maya or 3ds max along with Motion Builder , Mudbox and SketchBook.

Premium includes SoftImage also. Ultimate version includes every software.


The Autodesk creation suite is implemented by many customers to create their entertainment projects like movies and Games.


Salient Features of Autodesk 2014 suite

Maya 2014

Integrated Modelling feature set.

New paint effect features added.

Viewport performance issues fixed.

Supports DX11 shader.

New assembly, file path editor.


3ds Max 2014


    Added new Populate Feature which generate crowd with life like reaction activity.

Enhanced Particle flow toolset.

Viewport performance issues fixed.

Supports DX11 shader.

Perspective Match and Vector Map tools help bridge 2D/3D divide.

Softimage 2014


Directorial control over scene.

Improved ICE and Crowd FX features.

Improved High Quality viewport with improved performance.
 Easier integration into pipeline via FBX

MotionBuilder 2014


Linux support.

Improved manipulation of motion capture.

API for file referencing.

Allows Custom viewport renderers.

New workflow options added to motion capture.

SketchBook Designer 2014

Sketching, painting and image compositing workflows
Easy color manipulation

Dynamic user interface optimized for pen and mouse interaction

Mixed media workflows
Unique transformation tool



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