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  • How to paint hair in photoshop

    Painting hair in photoshop is a fun process if we use some interesting brushes. Wide range of brushes are available on internet for free. Download those hair brushes or you can create your own hair brush to create some wonderful …

  • Blending modes in Photoshop Part 1

    Blending modes in Photoshop Part 1

    Hello everyone. In this tutorial we will explain different blending modes in Adobe Photoshop. Blending modes are used to blend two or more images seamlessly by adjusting its fill or opacity. There are 27 …

  • Adobe Photoshop filters Tutorial


    Adobe Photoshop filters Tutorial

    In this post we are going to look at 10  most important Adobe Photoshop filters that every Photoshop users should know. These 10 filters should be mastered by those who aspire to make career in digital art. …

  • Basic COLOR THEORY- Introduction

    Basic COLOR THEORY- Introduction

    Introduction to Basic color theory


    Color theory explains how the colors are formed.It is explained by using Color Wheel.It explains how the colors are combined to form a third color.

    There are two types of color wheel.…