How to fix ‘Socket Error creating command port’ in Maya

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How to fix ‘Socket Error creating command port’ in Maya
This error is mostly faced during the batch renders in Mental Ray.Rendering depends on sockets for communication even though Maya is rendering data locally. When you batch render a data Maya establish two way communication between a renderer and Maya.

This is why you must to make sure that the firewall settings are allowing the mayabatch process through regardless of being on a network or not. The firewall is the most simplest solution but we do run into atleast another two scenarios in support.

Solution for this Issue

1) Check Firewall settings. Check if your firewall is blocking Maya.

2) Check if you are running two batch renders at a time. This issue may crop up if you are already batch rendering in background. The rendering process in the background is blocking the port. Wait until previous render is completed of simply kill maya batch process.

3) The other issue maybe a DNS issue.Sometime local machine picks up new IP address from the server but fails to refresh the DNS. You can flush DNS cache on local machine.

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