File naming conventions – How to name a VFX file

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File naming conventions – How to name a VFX file
Files are often misplaced as the assets are passed around different department of studios during post production. This confusion can be prevented by using proper file naming conventions.

In this example below

vfx file naming conventions

vfx file naming conventions

  •  I stands for input to VFX system
  • LP is a project name
  • 030 is a shot number
  • BG is plate name
  • v02 is version of file
  • 000032 is a frame number
  • .dpx is a file extension


How Naming Convention is Used

Files are sent to the artist which in turn sends output files back to the sender.

i stands for input. Shots sent to VFX artist for post production have names as shown below




O is output. When VFX artists sends back composite files back to the sender they will name the files as shown in example below.




e stands for VFX element used in a shot. Compositing layers created by VFX artist is called elements




Numbering VFX Shots

Numbering each VFX shot in increment of 10. Set the padding to 4 figures. so shot no 20 becomes 0020.

If there are 5 shots in a show,the sequence would be 0010,0020,0030,0040,0050

In case if a new shot is added between the two existing sequences, we can split the difference for new shot number

For example – New shot added between 0020 and 0030 , the new shot would be 0025 and so on. This ensures that the shots are named in a sequential manner.


Numbering Plates

VFX shots are executed in layers.These can be used in a shot name as BG or E1,E2,E3 and so on. Shots can be named as-


Naming the frames

Sequence of frame starts with 1 . With frame padding of 6 , the sequence file will be 000001.


‘BG’  stands for background plate. Extra layers can simply be labled as ‘E1′, ‘E2′, ‘E3′ etc.




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