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Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. to debut this summer


Disney XD will premiere two Marvel animated series this summer with Hulk and Agents of S.M.A.S.H which will go on air on 11th August and Avenger Assemble will debut on July 7. The series ids produced by Marvel television. Marvel’s most popular characters together will take down the most infamous villains this summer. Both series will premiere on Disney XD.

 Marvel’s Avenger’s Assemble will be based on a blockbuster movie where Iron man leads the team of mightiest heroes who will combine their powers to battle threats no single hero could overcome. The voiceover will be done by Adrian Pasdar for Iron Man. Fres Tatasciore will lend his voice for Hulk , Roger Craig will lend voice for Captain America. Travis Willingham for Thor , Troy Baker for Hawkeye, Laura Bailey for black Widow and Bumper Robinson for Falcon. Joe casey and Duncan Rouleau will be executive producers for the series.

The series will also feature Hulk’s Unconventional family – his cousin She Hulk , the irascible Red Hulk, A – Bomb and the savage Skaar to tackle threats that are too big for heroes to handle. Paul Dini and Henry Gilroy have been tapped as a creative directors for the series. The voiceover for Hulk family will be done by Fred Tatasciore , Clancy Brown and Eliza Dushku for Hulk , Red Hulk and She – Hulk respectively. Ben Diskin and Seth Green will lend voices for Skaar and A-Bomb respectively.


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