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ILM , Digital Domain and Method delivers VFX for G.I Joe Retaliation


Director Jon Chu’s experience with his previous two Step Up franchise was perfect training for sequel of action  movie G.I Joe, in which Joes are disgraced by Cobra attack.

G.I Joe Retaliation VFX

G.I Joe Retaliation required its own VFX which was delivered by Digital Domain , ILM and Method Studios. Overall VFX of the movie was supervised by James Madigan which ensured that shots delivered are seamless and proficient.

Several key sequences including explosion of motorcycle by Firefly, the Zeus  space base satellite, tank battle, the reveal of President was handled by Digital Domain which was headed by Thad Beier. This was the biggest simulation in Digital Domain’s history.

G.I Joe Retaliation VFX

The main challenge was to create realistic vehicles. They created CG version of HISS Tank,  Zeus satellite and Cobra commander’s dual jet engine- powered helicopter. Artists created two models of HISS Tank, one was used for a reference. Digital Domain team joined forces with Reliance team in London, who then built CG tanks with thousands of part shaded and textured to create a massive battle scene. The concept drawing of the satellite was created by the art department and the artists in London facility created the highly detailed 3D model which was shared with other facilities. Artists used Houdini to simulate the ripping of satellite in a procedural way.

G.I Joe Retaliation VFX

“In the end it looks mysterious and leaves you wanting more,” remarks Beier.

Industrial Light and Magic deliver VFX shots for Himalayan fight sequence involving groups of ninjas hanging from ropes on the sheer rock face. The VFX by ILM was supervised by Bill George.

G.I Joe Retaliation VFX

G.I Joe Retaliation VFX


The scene was shot in an old warehouse  where they constructed NASA rockets. They created steep Green wall  with lot of rigging  above to swing the stunt people.

G.I Joe Retaliation VFX

G.I Joe Retaliation VFX

Finally , Method studio in Vancouver and New York delivered VFX shots of all out assault on G.I Joe camp by a squadron of CG Apache attack helicopters, raining down machine gun tracer fire and missiles, blowing up every vehicle and killing almost everyone.

The movie was released worldwide last Friday.

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