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Bokeh Photography Tips and Tricks


Quick Bokeh Photography Tips

“Bokeh” word is derived from a Japanese word that means “blur” or “haze” is a photographic term where photos are mainly out of focus. This intentional adjustment can provide a dramatic effects to your photos and makes it aesthetically pleasing to eye.

1. Use the largest aperture possible.

Change the camera mode to Aperture Priority.Always set the Aperture to largest. This means you will have to set the lowest F-stop. Rest of the settings will be done automatically by the camera. This will decrease the Depth of field which in turn blur your background. Thus Bokeh is created.

2. Get a fast lens

Get a good Prime lens. It will cost you around Rs 5000 in Indian Market. It will give you sharper images because this lens has a wide Aperture. In case of Telephoto lens , use longer focal length.

3. Get closer to the subject

The closer you get to the subject, the blurrier your background will be. Lens will focus much closer means the DOF will be smaller.

4. Use full frame sensor cameras.

Nikon D700 and Canon 5D have a full frame and also has a large sensors which produce better bokeh. . This is because of distance; put simply you will have to get further away to the subject with a crop sensor to take the same image you would get in a full frame

5. Bokeh shouldn’t make an uninteresting shot interesting.

Use Bokeh to complement a good image and not as something to try and make a bad image good.


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