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Crucial techniques for better mobile phone camera photography

As time goes by mobile cameras are getting better than some of the point and shoot cameras. Now a days your mobile does not take blurry picture with tiny resolution. In photography your equipment plays a very little role in capturing a memorable picture.Use some of the tips below for better mobile phone camera photography. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or  Android smartphone, or even a first-gen camera phone… you can still take some beautiful, winning photographs.


Here are some crucial technique for better mobile phone camera photography which will make your picture stand out in other’s comparison.

1) Rule of Thirds



Even if you are using a cellphone “Rule of Thirds” is still applicable when you take a photograph. Imagine two Vertical lines and two Horizontal lines intersecting across your image.Place the subject your image at the point where two of these lines intersect. Most photographers place a horizon across one of the third lines in their photo.




Higher the resolution, better the picture.Mobile camera have three options for resolution – High,Medium and Low.Set your camera to highest resolution.This will ensure crisp and better image.

3) Light your subject well



Lighting is a key to a good photograph.Light your subject well.Underexposed subject gives you noisy pictures.Always shoot outside.If you are shooting indoor make sure you add an extra light.Always use fill flash.This will get you a clear picture in low light. In case if artificial light impacts color casts you will have to experiment it with White balance to fix it.

4)Prefer optical zoom over digital



Digital zoom enlarges the object by enlarging the pixel. So you end up with a pixelated shots.Plus you edit your images on a computer which makes it even worse.

5) Get close to your subject

Digital zoom enlarges the object by enlarging the pixel. So you end up with a pixelated shots.So the best option is to get closer to your subject.This will help you to focus on the minute details of your  subject.Make sure that your phone does not create distortion or focusing issues when you get close to your subject.

6)Fill your frame

It is difficult to blur the background with such a Shallow depth of field.Get close to your subject.Avoid photo with a tiny subject in the middle of a crowded background.

7) Experiment with white balance

White balance allows you to modify the color balance in your photos depending on the shooting conditions.Select the color balance which suits the shooting conditions.This will create great impact on your shots.

8) Keep Still

Keep still

Keep still

The more steady your camera ,clearer your picture will be.One trick is to lean your camera phone or the hand holding it against a solid object like a tree, wall when taking shots.Follow this especially during low light situations where a camera opt for longer shutter speed to compensate for low light.

9) Take loads of shots

In digital photography you can take as many shots from different angle without any extra cost.Camera phones are particularly good for experimenting with new angles and perspectives – shoot from down low, up high, close up etc and you’ll end up with interesting and fun shots.

10) Edit later

edit your shots

edit your shots

This might be useful in a few limited cases, but it’s best left alone. Resist the urge to add that sepia effect to every image, and leave the post-processing to Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture rather than your phone’s limited processor. You have Instagram, Snapseed and Hipstamatic for iOS to edit your images later


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