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Jobs at Crest Animation Studio


Crest animation studio


Crest Animation is a full-service studio specializing in the development and production of digital animated properties for theatrical, television, home entertainment and interactive distribution for the global entertainment industry. Crest is the undisputed leader in the Indian animation industry, and one of the leading CGI animation studios in the world.

Crest Animation leverages its India advantages of highly-skilled talent and cost efficiencies, and the creativity of its Los Angeles arm to provide high quality CGI (computer generated imaging) animation product to the global animation industry. Through the Crest Advantage of Time-Cost-Quality, Crest has become a revenue differentiating player in the global animation industry.

Our aim – as one of the world’s preeminent CG animation producers – is to develop quality properties and to offer superior outsourcing services across all major formats of the entertainment industry, primarily feature films, DVD, television and interactive gaming.

Crest’s state-of-the-art technology and world-class facilities, together with its depth and breadth of experience, has earned it an unparalleled reputation in global animation circles. Crest has delivered more than 200 half hours of television and home video titles in CGI animation, working for such clients as Mike Young Productions, Mark Brown, Classic Media, Nelvana, American Greetings, Marathon and Nickelodeon. Crest has produced animation for several international TV shows such as ‘Jakers!’ and ‘Pet Alien’ that have won many awards including Daytime EMMY, BAFTA, FICCI Frames 2005, Humanitas Prize for Children’s Animation, and a nomination for Annie Award.

Crest recently tied up with Lions Gate Family Entertainment to co-produce three movies. Crest has delivered its first feature film co-produced by Lionsgate USA. Alpha & Omega has been accepted for consideration in the Animated Feature Film category for the 83rd Academy Awards. It is the first animated film from India to appear on Oscar’s list.”


Vacancies in Crest Animation Studio

Production Assistant
Job Role:
»   Responsible for completion of Animations of the Project within the Budgeted Cost – Time – Quality Parameters
»   Track Progress of pre production, production & post production at the CGI level
»   Work closely with the project lead, deputy lead and all verticals to ensure works happens on schedule.
»   Download Preproduction assets and inform the concerned person
»   Co ordinate with all verticals and upload daily data and communicate the same to the client
»   Assist in conducting dailies to project lead, deputy lead and all vertical leads.
»   Client Communication.
»   Assisting in Flow towards completion of project

Skills Required:
»   MS Office
»   Good Communication Skills (written & verbal)
»   Smart & Hard working

Software Knowledge: preferably Maya

Years of Experience: 1+ (freshers will do if capable of performing mentioned job profile)


Character Animators

  • One has to be a graduate from an Art College, specializing in illustrations, having strong observation and visualization skills.
  • Should have mastered the mechanics of animation such as squash and stretch, overlapping, anticipation, timing, weight, body dynamics, secondary motions.
  • Also, know all animation principles. Strong acting skills will be preferred to animate style and create unique personalities in the character.

Character Modelers

  • You should be able to model organic, inorganic and complex forms.
  • Proficient in polygon modeling and should understand texturing and rigging requirements.
  • You should have a strong understanding of Human and Animal Anatomy.
  • Should have good aesthetic sense and strong observation and visualization skills.
  • Sketching and sculpting skills are preferred.

Sets Modelers / Props Modelers 

  • You should be proficient in cartoon, stylized and realistic modeling as well as organic modeling.
  • You should be able to visualize different angles of a set based on the storyboard.
  • Also should have knowledge to build complex looking set in a optimize way and understand texturing requirements.
  • You should have a strong sense of proportion, shape, composition and architectural design.
  • Skill in drawing, sketching, or sculpting is preferred.

Sets Texturing Artists / Props Texturing Artists / Set dresser

  • You should be good at digital painting, creating UVS.
  • You must have a good understanding of light, color, illumination and shading.
  • Should be interested in the study of materials.
  • Skill in painting, photography, drawing, and sketching is preferred.
  • Basic knowledge of rendering and compositing would be an added advantage.
  • You should have aesthetic sense of layout composition.

Rigging Artists

  • You should be able to design strong interactive rigs and simplify complex animation tasks.
  • You should know scripting and have a good understanding of anatomy.

Effects Artist

  • You should have a strong sense of dynamics.
  • You are able to visualize and achieve natural phenomena like water, fire, smoke, cloth etc.
  • You have strong technical problem-solving skills and are skilled in a range of Effects tools and software.

Lighting Artists

  • You should understand how to set the mood and feel of scenes.
  • You are able to deliver photo realistic frames.
  • Skills in photography are preferred.


  • You should have sound Knowledge of MEL scripting, C, C++, VB, Pearl scripting and Renderman shading language.
  • Working knowledge of XSI and Maya is a plus.


  • You should have a sound knowledge of colour correction, rotoscopy, masking, keying, tracking and wire removal.
  • Proficiency in online editing software and knowledge of Shake and Nuke.

Character Texturing

  • You should have proven skills in texturing Characters and Props or have a portfolio to show your potential.
  • Additional knowledge of shaders would be a plus.
  • Working knowledge of Maya/Photoshop and any 3d paint tool is a must.

Layout Artists:

  • 3d-Animation experience(2- 5yrs).
  • Strong Aptitude and Understanding of Layout and Camera blocking requirements.


How To Apply:

  1. Interested candidates are requested to APPLY ONLINE
  2. Alternatively you may courier your resume and latest work to:

    Executive – Human Resources
    Crest Animation Studios Limited
    501, Raheja Plaza 1,
    L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (W),
    Mumbai – 400 086.

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