Makuta Vfx wins National Award for Vfx of Eega

Makuta Vfx wins National Award for Vfx of Eega

Finally Telugu film industry has some good news. Makuta Vfx has won National Award for their vfx in Eega. Credit goes to the entire Makuta team for delivering the vfx shots for the movie “Eega”. They delivered 2234 vfx shot for S.S Rajamouli ‘s Eega. It was a technically challenging for entire team. “It was our toughest project “ said Pete Draper , co-founder of Makuta VFX.





Nobody had imagined even in their dreams that a housefly could become one of the most loved film characters of Indian Cinema. The whole team is excited about winning National Award



Makuta team created a CG Fly and principal animation for it. They also created interactive environments, digital set extensions and composited the character in real environment.

‘Eega’, directed by S.S Rajamouli, is about a  young man, who is rechristened into a housefly and seeks revenge on his killer.

“Everyone at Makuta is exceptionally proud to win the National Award and would dearly like to thank the director and producer and everyone who worked with us to breathe life into our little housefly,” said Pete Draper, co-founder, Makuta VFX.


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