Navigating a Level & Viewports in CryEngine 3

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Navigating a Level & Viewports in CryEngine 3
CryEngine 3 is designed for both left and right-handed users,so both WASD control scheme and arrow key scheme support the camera movement of this software.


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1. Press W to move forwards.

2. Press S to move backwards.

3. Press A to move/strafe left.

4. Press D to move/strafe right.


1. In Active window,hold the right mouse button and move the mouse pointer to turn the view.

2. Hold the middle mouse button and move the mouse to pan the view.

3. Roll the mouse wheel to move backwards and forwards.

 4. Shift can be hold to double the speed of the movement.


 Viewport movement Speed can be increase and decrease with the help of Speed input block found on the bottom of the viewport.

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1. The default speed is 1,but can be changed manually to any speed.

2. There are also some predefined speed given such as .1, 1, 10.

3. The terrain collision button 10-20-2013 7-40-06 PM  is used to detect and turn terrain collision on and off.


1. Just like MAYA cryengine also support multiple sub viewport  scheme.

2. To select viewport Right click on viewports header and select Configure layout or Display / Configure layout

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