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What Newton’s Laws of Motion can teach you as an artist ?

What Newton’s Laws of Motion can teach you as an artist ?

What Newton’s Laws of Motion can teach you as an artist ?
Sir Isaac Newton , an influential scientist who made us believe that a human mind can achieve impossibilities. In last 40 months I have interacted with great artists in different events, film schools and social media. Believe it or not, we can relate Newton ‘s Law of motion to the artist in CG industry. You will percieve information in better way when you connect this laws with real life example.

In this article, I will relate all the three laws to artists in CG industry. This is what I learnt as an artist from Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of Motion.

First Law

Anybody in the state of rest or in state of motion continues to be in state of rest or motion until any force is applied on it.

How can we relate this law to an artist?

Any artist who is amateur, continues to be amateur, until he improves his skills. ( Improve his skills technically and aesthetically ).

If you are starting as an artist you will not be able to reach the professional level in one day or one month. You need practice , you need to constantly hone your skills. Many artists complain about not getting jobs in a studio and I have few questions for you.


  • Are you skilled enough to apply for a job?
  • Did you give enough time to fine tune your work?
  • Did you pay attention to smaller details before putting it in your showreel?
  • Did you place your best work first in your showreel?
  • Was your showreel presentable enough to impress the recruiter?

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Improving your skills is a need of a time to grow to the next level as an artist. There are artists who comes from science background and doesn’t own a degree in Arts. They are not born artists, but their hard work and dedication has helped them to improve their skills and get a job in a studio.

If professional artists didn’t work hard in their earlier days they wouldn’t have got success and fame they have got today. So whatever efforts you put today , it will be beneficial for your future as an artist. So go ahead and IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS.

Second Law

The net force acting on a body or system is directly proportional to the rate of change of momentum.
This law on simplifying further gives us-
Force = mass x acceleration

How can we relate this law to an artist?

The influence you make with your artwork on your viewers is equal to your technical skills multiplied by your approach to achieve the output. Your influence as an artist will be best when you have a perfect combination of software(technical) skills and aesthetics.
If you check out some of the top CG Forums, you will be mesmerised with the quality of work submitted by the artist.

Third Law

Every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

How can we relate this law to an artist?

The efforts you put in your artwork has equal impact on your success.
If you are a student you can give more than 4 hours for practice. When I met some professionally successful artist last week at film festival I found few things in common.

  • They spend atleast 12 hrs a day working on their artwork.
  • Eagerness to learn new things and implement those in their artwork.

The results of their efforts is right before us, those artists work day and night to get noticed in the industry.



To conclude, my suggestion is to

  1. Practice Daily.
  2. Improve Skills.
  3. Watch videos on Youtube to learn new skills.
  4. Use social media and forums to connect to industry people.
  5. Stay Motivated.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any queries ,feel free to leave a comment below. Do share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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