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5 fun Maya rigs for Animators


This article has a compilation of 5 Fun rigs in Maya for Animators.



A free rig , ASHRAFI is created by Dawood Ashrafi has a full facial setup along with IK/FK Switch and stretchy limbs. This rig has some great hand and finger controls has a good User Interface and nice scripts. The rigger has also provided Knee Lock and Elbow Lock along with full leg setup and a UI picker. To download the rig Click Here.




The Blake rig created by Jason Baskin is a cartoon rig with many exciting features. As it is a cartoon character it offers really nice face controls and exaggerated expressions and ability to change everything from clothes, hair, skin tone  etc. Hand controls includes Hand Flex , Splay and Cupping. To download the rig Click Here.



Kit Car

This car rig by Bubbat come with simple controls. The rig offers attach to curve option. It come with some scripts and has a good User Interface. To download this Rig Click Here.





This is one of the old yet interesting rig. A simplest rig of all. The model is so detailed that it is fun to get machine walking and running. To download this rig Click Here.





This amazing rig has one slider which transforms car to a machine. It has IK/FK control and some face control.Overall a very good rig. To download this rig Click Here.


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