How to set project in Maya | Maya Tutorial

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How to set project in Maya | Maya Tutorial

In this tutorial you will see how to set project in Maya. It is important to set the project before you start working in Maya. Setting a project will create a folder which will store your working file i.e scene file along with textures,images and all the assets you used in your project.

Project consist of  following folders:-

1) Root Directory – A main directory related to Maya project

2) Definition file – Contains all the commands that define where your files are stored

3) Sub directories -Scenes, templates, images, source images, etc. This is where the assets of your projects are stored


Steps to create a new project :-

1)  Select File  and go to project window.

A project window will appear.You can clear all the locations by selecting Edit and then click on Clear Settings

To restore default project location , select Edit and then click on Reset settings.

2) Click the browse icon to the right of location to specify the location of project directory.

3) Click on Accept to save the changes.


Project window Maya

Project window in Maya

Steps to Set a project :-

Note – Maya does not set the project when you open the file.You have to set it manually.

1) Select File and then click on Set Project.

2) Browse the folder you want to open.

3) click Set.

Maya will now set the project and save your files to newly set project location.

set project window

set project window in Maya

I hope you understood How to set project in Maya.


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