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Making of Chinese Goddess



Chinese Goddess Final Render

Chinese Goddess Final Render

The Original Artwork of Chinese Goddess is done by two Chinese Artists Jiansong Chain and Jane Liu. The Modeling part is done in Maya. Texturing was done in 3ds max and the final image was rendered in Mental Ray

Chinese Goddess Gray Model


Here is the Maya Viewport Image

Chinese Goddess Viewport

The Artists has used a typical three point lighting System to Light the scene. The Artist has used 2 spot lights and one area light which act as a fill light. One Sky light is used for Final Gather. In shading the Artist has used SSS Skin Shader and one blend for Cloth. It includes two falloff maps and two different Shaders.



The Images are rendered in Multiple passes and then later composited in Adobe After Effects. Photoshop was used for Final Color correction.


Final Render

Chinese Goddess Final Render

Chinese Goddess Final Render

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  1. Hi Animation Tutorial team dnt you think you should take permission from the artist who has done this work before posting it on your website. and this art work id just for cgtantra not for all….. and just because you have already posted it dnt you think you should mention the name of the artist who has done this….. looking forward for your reply..


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