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Introduction to 3ds Max Blinn Shader

Introduction to 3ds Max Blinn Shader.

Blinn Shader is the default shader in 3ds Max. The most noticeable thing of Blinn shader is that , it renders circular highlights.You don’t need to use soften parameters

It includes color swatches for …

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Introduction to 3ds max Shaders

3ds Max is one of the exciting package in CG industry today. It is used in Movies , Games , Architecture , Defense Systems and also in medical Science.

What is Shader ?

A Shader is a function that calculates …

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3Ds Max Tutorial:How to create realistic grass

This is a 3Ds Max tutorial in which we will see how to create a realistic grass. We will use a background in an environment. Single blade of grass is multiplied using scatter object. Sun will be created using lens …

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