Introduction to Fusion 6.4 Interface

Introduction to Fusion 6.4 Interface

Hello folks.

Today we are starting with our first tutorial of compositing. There are software available in a market for compositing.

Eyeon Fusion

Foundry Nuke

After Effects


Final Cut Pro

What is Compositing?

In simple words, compositing is combining two or more images to make a single picture electronically. Imagine you want to show a person moving in zero gravity environment. Shoot a person on a timeline with a pure green or blue background. Create a spaceship in a 3d software. Import the two footages in a compositing software. Remove the green background and merge two scenes. This is called Compositing.

Role of Compositing in the Industry

Compositing plays a vital role in the field of Animation and Multimedia. It provides the flexibility to the director. It cuts down production cost. We get better quality output. Director doesn’t need to travel to original locations to shoot a scene.

Getting started

In this article we will see the basic interface of Eyeon Fusion 6.4.

Fusion 6.4 Interface

If you look closely the layout of Fusion 6.4 is similar to Adobe’s After Effect and Adobe Premier Pro.

Identifying parts of layout

1) Menu Bar

2) Tool Bar

3) Right – Left window

4) Flow window

5) Attribute window


Menu Bar

Menu bar contains all the basic options  from opening the file to save your comp and render. Apart from that It also has Tools which are necessary for compositing. You will find each and every tool under Tool menu. All the tools are located in Tool menu. Nothing is hidden or placed elsewhere.

Tool Bar

It is located at top – left of the window which resembles the toolbar of Adobe Photoshop.

Right – Left Window

Two windows next to each other. User can open as many windows they want.

Flow window

Flow window resembles to timeline in Premier pro or After Effects . But Fusion is a node based  software and it displays the node hierarchy.

Attribute Window

It displays all the attributes of tools which is used during compositing. Select the tool node and it will display all the attributes of tool. It is located at the top right in the layout.

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