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Chaos Group rolls out V-Ray 3.0 Beta for 3DS Max

Chaos Group has recently announced beta version of V-Ray 3.0 for Autodesk 3ds Max, which is complete lighting and rendering engine available in market. The beta testers will have direct access to team of Chaos Group thus making it appealing to Visual Effects and Architecture users in coming weeks.
The first thing users will notice is Speed. The ray tracing calculations runs upto 5 times faster than the one in previous versions. The new simplified user interface will provide quick access to common settings.Progressive Production Rendering allows the users to set up a scene and iterate quickly whie using other complex features of V-Ray.


In coming few weeks Chaos Group will roll out VRmats which is a new XML, cross application format. Material can be transferred across multiple applications.


Over the beta period, Chaos Group will roll-out a new XML, cross-application material format called VRmats that can be universally transferred across multiple V-Ray host applications. In beta phase V-Ray has also introduced open source technologies like Alembic, OpenEXR 2.0 and Deep Image Data, OpenColorIO, and Open Shading Language [OSL].


Options for monthly and annual licensing are now available. For more information on licensing , visit Chaos Group website.


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