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How to Fake a Depth of Field in Photoshop

A shallow depth of field is a great way to highlight your subject by defocusing the background. Normally shallow depth of field is achieved with wide aperture ranging between f/2.8 or f/1.4. Longer the lens and closer the subject will give you shallow depth of field.


Steps to Fake The Depth of field:-

  • Duplicate the Layer by by pressing Ctrl.


  • Using Quick Selection Tool , Select your subject.You can also use Magic Wand Or Pen tool.


  • Go to Select -> Inverse to get the Inverse Selection.


  • Create a new ALPHA CHANNEL and name it ALPHA 1 .


  • Set the Brush Foreground layer to Default. i.e White.


  • Hold “Alt” and “Backspace”.This will Fill selected area with WHITE.


  • Select the RGB Channels panel then select the Duplicate Layer.


  • Click on FILTER menu and select “LENS BLUR”.


  • Select the Depth map Source as “ALPHA 1″.


  • Adjust the value of Radius in between 8 to 12.


  • Set the Brightness value between 5 to 10.


  • Check the MONOCHROMATIC checkbox.


  • Click on OK and then Flatten the Image.
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