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Introduction to CryEngine 3

Cryengine is one of the leading game designing engine of the modern world. It has been designed by German game developer Crytek. The engine is best known for developing open world game like Far Cry series and Crysis series. Crytek invented Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) while working on Crysis 1 and has been since implemented on various game.

To download Cryengine click here


Opening a level in CryENGINE 3

1.To open Cryengine 3 :

Open Bin32-> Editor.exe ( for 32 bit )


Bin64 -> Editor.exe ( for 64 bit)

2. To Open an pre-existing level

File-> Open

When we choose the Open option , a default browser window  to Cryengine3/game/levels folder is opened.

Browse to Singleplayer/Forest.cry*

(*Forest.cry is a default pre-existing level)

3.A .cry file:

Basically .cry file is an Cryengine file. It is an archive comprised of binary and XML data that is only used by the CRYENGINE editor. However it can be viewed with an appropriate archiving program such as WinRAR.


**To download Cryengine click here

*** Unlike MAYA, in Cryengine tutorial we will learn the tools as we progress. 

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